Fleet GPS Service

Installations done right the first time, on time.

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GPS Tracking 

Installation and repair

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Mobile to your location

  • Install new units:
    • You have purchased tracking units but need them installed in your vehicles. We provide on-site installation service so workflow is not interrupted. 
  • New Service:
    • Your fleet needs a GPS tracking solution or you need to add additional units.
      • We can help you find a tracking service which is tailored to your usage and budget.
  • Repair:
    • You have existing GPS tracking units in service which are not functioning properly.  
      • We can verify proper installation and programming of the units you already have in operation and make the necessary repairs to get your whole fleet online.
  • Swap/ Removal:
    • You are retiring vehicles and need to move GPS tracking units from one vehicle to another
      • Whether you need to remove valuable tracking equipment before a vehicle is sold or if you need to move a tracking unit to a vehicle of higher priority, this can be done in one short vsit.
  • Specialized service options:
    • Discreet service meetings:
      • Don’t want your employees to know about the use of GPS tracking or don’t want to disrupt workflow during business hours? Service appointments can be arranged for before or after normal business hours.